About Us

We are a small family breeder where our dogs are an extension of our family. We've been breeding since 2009 when we got our first labradoodle. All four of our children enjoy being a part of taking care of the dogs.


Our dogs pick their favorite person and tend to get spoiled by the person in the family that they chose as their favorite!



Our dogs enjoy running on our 10 acres of property along Side Cut Metro Park and the Maumee River. When we have puppies we call it puppy therapy because of the joy and excitement that they bring with their wagging tails! Puppies are always glad to see you and always ready to play. Who doesn't love the smell of puppy breath?


Our dogs enjoy a very scheduled routine with a healthy balance of outdoor and indoor time. On rainy days they always enjoy a good bone. Every day is a walk day. We enjoy taking our adult dogs on daily walks in the metro park along our property and they love playing in the Maumee River during the hot summer months. The best feedback we get from people who adopt our puppies is how well socialized they are. Puppy temperament is very important to us and we believe handling puppies daily prior to them going to their forever home is key!


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